Welcome to Networking Redesigned for 2020

Are you ready for a meaningful online networking group with established business professionals who want to grow their business through referrals and strategy building?

Maryland Business Networking is proud to present our newest mastermind —
The Collaborative.

Meet your new industry-exclusive networking group: The Collaborative.

We’re here to guide, support, mentor, and challenge your business model in this current crisis and beyond.

The referrals don’t hurt either!

A Collaborative Mission to Develop our Businesses.

MBN Online is committed to bringing entrepreneurs, business professionals, and CEOs together to build deeper, meaningful relationships.

Members share business advice, receive guidance, and support each other no matter the economic situation. 

What makes The Collaborative mastermind unique?

Online Networking

Weekly Remote Meetings

Hop on a Zoom conference call with your Collaborative from any location to discuss your business challenges, successes, and best practices.

Stay Connected

Online Groups

Keep the meeting discussions alive throughout the week with private Facebook groups for your Collaborative and the MBN community at large.

On Task

Facilitated Groups

Get in, get out—and most importantly—get something out of each meeting.

Our facilitators keep meetings moving and provide feedback on the success of your business and Collaborative. 

Valuable Partnerships

Established Businesses

Network and collaborate with vetted industry-exclusive business owners, entreprenuers, and c-level professionals.

Expert Advice

Monthly Expert Panels

Sign-on once a month for access to industry experts during monthly panel discussions on hot business topics.

Can’t make the live-online panel? Watch the recording online afterwards.

Marketing Consultations

Meet with the Founders

Founders Jessica Valis & Danny Bendebba are committed to our members’ success. Members will have access to them for corporate branding, marketing, and online optimization consultations.

Together they can provide recommendations on how you can strengthen your digital business presence.

In this new era of work-from-home professionals, build new business relationships from anywhere—

  • Develop relationships across Maryland and find your new support system with professionals outside your organization who can share new insights and offer support.
  • Learn how to adapt and navigate beyond the current COVID-19 market and prepare for future trends that will set your business up for long-run success.
  • Establish new business cultures and discuss potential marketing and advertising strategies, as well as business processes and operations.
  • Build confidence and make pivots that focus on strategy & solutions.
  • Brainstorm with your trusted Collaborative on ways to expand your business.
  • Support your Collaborative partners by passing along credible leads and referrals.c 

Here’s how The Collaborative works—


Submit an Application

Apply for membership here. Young entrepreneur or seasoned-pro, everyone has a place to grow their businesses with MBN Online.

Meet Your Collaborative

Congratulations! You’ve been approved and can now meet the members of your Collaborative and MNB online at large. Make introductions on Facebook and get ready for your first Zoom call!

Weekly Virtual Meeting

Your facilitator starts the meeting with introductions and opens the floor up for discussions. Each week one member will also provide a brief presentation related to their company and industry.

Keep the Conversation Going

Stay in touch throughout the week; touch-base on solutions and ideas, provide ongoing support and post relevant articles to your group.

Participate in Virtual Panels

Industry experts share their expertise via Zoom to discuss best business practices, marketing trends, and the latest business technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collaborative?

A Collaborative, or virtual small group, is comprised of no more than 20 industry-exclusive business leaders. Your new partners will challenge the way you do business to help you grow your organization now and in the unpredictable future.

Are you a leads group?
As you gain trust and confidence the partners within your group, the leads and referrals will come naturally. Unlike other networking organizations, you don’t need to track referrals and income. There are no quotas to make unless your Collaborative decides to.
Will you have in person events?
Absolutely. MBN Online intends to host in-person networking events across the state of Maryland to allow members to mingle with other Collaboratives.
How are Collaborative groups determined?

Collaboratives may be based on situation and common goals.

For example, work-from-home parents with young children may be grouped together in a Collaborative in order to exchange advice involving working with children.

Other groups may be diversified to offer a broad range of expertise.

What does it mean to be Industry-Exclusive?
No person within a Collaborative competes with your business. Everyone has a unique situation and operates within a respectable organization.

Industries may overlap (eg: realtor, title agent, mortgage lender) but no group may contain more than 1 person per service (eg: 1 realtor, 2 title agents).